De-mix is a revolution in sound technology.

Developed by technical analyst James Clarke, the De-mix process opens up access to previously locked recordings, allowing audio engineers to craft new mixes and masters. Creating a superior listening experience for music fans, the De-mix process reinvigorates catalogue and breathes new life into forgotten tracks or bootlegs.

Using algorithms that are trained on target instruments, De-mix can extract these components to enhance or reduce targeted EQ or isolation. Not only can De-mix be used to adjust the levels of musical elements within a mix, it can also make vocal isolation or removal a reality.

The new process unlocks mono recordings or those where full multi-tracks do not exist, allowing our engineers to adjust the balance and levels of instruments and vocals within a track to rebuild, rebalance and remix the recording. For remastering projects, De-mix allows our engineers to perform targeted EQ balancing. For example, the engineer can adjust and EQ a bass guitar without any impact on the vocals or drums.