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Developed by software engineer James Clarke.

De-mix is a revolution in sound technology.

Developed by technical analyst James Clarke, the De-mix process opens up access to previously locked recordings, allowing audio engineers to craft new mixes and masters. Creating a superior listening experience for music fans, the De-mix process reinvigorates catalogue and breathes new life into forgotten tracks or bootlegs.

Using algorithms that are trained on target instruments, De-mix can extract these components to enhance or reduce targeted EQ or isolation. Not only can De-mix be used to adjust the levels of musical elements within a mix, it can also make vocal isolation or removal a reality. The new process unlocks mono recordings or those where full multi-tracks do not exist.

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What We've Worked On

De-mixing The Rolling Stones

James Clarke and engineer Lewis Jones talk about De-mixing The Rolling Stones and share ‘before’ and ‘after’ samples of 'Satisfaction'

What We Do...


Detailed analysis of your brief against the existing audio, to access feasibility and the best De-mixing method.

Forensic Research

Into the best possible source material, thanks to our in-house archiving expertise and extensive network.

Audio Separation

Designing ‘audio source models’ to enable De-mixing and the audio separation process.


Client review and approval which allow us to revisit the process and finesse specific details.


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